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If variety is truly the spice of life, then Thailand is surely one of the most exciting holiday spots on the planet. Modern and outward-looking, but culturally unique, this diverse Kingdom boasts all the stuff that tropical dream holidays are made of…from hill-tribe meet-and greets and misty mountains up in the north, to luxury shopping and glitzy nightlife in the buzzing capital Bangkok, to idyllic beaches and world-class diving down south.
Whatever your states, budget or timeframe, no one struggles to fill their days and nights here. Fancy a week of world-class golf, sailing or simply admiring the sunset from your exclusive beach villa each evening? Or how about a holiday built around exploring some of the Kingdom's beguiling temples or it's colourful, teeming markets? You can enjoy all of this and much, much more in this exotic yet accessible land, all the time enjoying the nation's legendary welcome, smiles, and - that central spice in Thai life - its fiery cuisine.
Sunbathing and sundown cocktails on one of Thailand's long silky beaches or coconut-palm clad islands - it's a must-do on nearly every tourist's itinerary. Fortunately, over 3,000 kilometres of tropical coastline means there's enough room for everyone. Though you can still rough it like Robinson Crusoe if you wish, accommodation these days is typically upmarket, with luxury resorts and villas now more often the rule than the exception.

Incense-shrouded shrines, saffron-robed monks and the gentle clangs of a ceremonial bell. You really haven't experienced spiritual Thailand until you've explored some of it’s serene (and ubiquitous) Buddhist temples. History and culture buffs should also allot some time to roam ancient capitals like Ayutthaya or Sukhothai, and check-out obscure Khmer temple ruins in the country's northeast.
Away from the temples and markets, many of Thailand's cities and towns rival the west for cosmopolitan pleasures. What strikes many is just how good the shopping is here. The capital, Bangkok, is a shopaholic Mecca, boasting palatial malls, luxury department stores, and an air-conditioned skytrain to whisk you between them; while Chiang Mai, up in the north, is handmade crafts central and radiates a more relaxed, small-city vibe.
Splurge on gourmet cuisine at a swish luxury hotel. Feast on local noodle soup at a dirt-cheap roadside stall. Or chow on freshly shored seafood beside a shimmering ocean. Whichever way you approach meal times, Thailand is a food lover's paradise. Seriously, one of the new Thai words you're guaranteed to learn through repetition during your stay here is 'aroy' - delicious! As for entertainment, once the sun goes down everything from cultural shows to loud clubs and chilled-out pubs spring into life all across the Kingdom. In beach resorts like Pattaya, Patong or Hua Hin, you'll find that merely strolling around town is entertainment in itself and there's always an exotic festival taking place in some pretty corner of the land.
North, south, east or west. Whichever direction you head in the Kingdom, Thailand's diverse landscapes throw up lots of opportunity for memorable adventures in the great outdoors. Swing through the treetops of a rainforest on a 'Flight of the Gibbon' tour, abseil down a limestone rock face, or whitewater raft down gurgling river rapids. The choice is yours. Alternatively, if you prefer more sedate sports, try one of the nation's championship golf courses or bike ride through one of Thailand's grape-growing regions, sampling wines along the way. Or if adventure for you means the ocean, then there's scuba diving, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing and junk sailing.
No one should go home without experiencing at least one famous Thai massage. They're cheap and available everywhere: luxury hotels, independent day spas, even right on the beach. Thailand is also a medical hub par excellence, offering everything from yoga retreats to check-ups at a world-class private hospital - and usually for a lot less than you'd think.
Thais adore kids unconditionally, making the Kingdom one of the world's most family-friendly destinations. Then there's the sheer variety of child-friendly entertainment offered. Whether it's elephant-back riding through jungle, or cooing at Chang Mai zoo's resident cuddly pandas, your kids will enjoy their time in Thailand just as much as you.